Monday, August 11, 2014

Mayakkam Enna

The first time I watched this movie, it felt like there was definitely something missing, despite the 'outside the norm' storyline. Atleast, it was different from the usual storylines at that time. I guess I was not expecting that, when I watched it back then. It felt choppy at times and not at all like a complete product, to say the least. Now, after watching it tonight, I was so impressed that I wanted to start writing on my blog again after half a decade!

The same parts where it was choppy before felt like editing masterpieces and directorial touches now. Or is it just the difference between watching a movie being sober and drunk? It's up to you to figure out if it was the first time or the second time that I was drunk. The premise itself is something that you don't see in a regular Tamil movie, even the romance part of it was handled very differently. Besides the extraordinary acting by the lead pair, there are notable performances by almost everyone, even the unintentional villain. The one scene where the heroine cleans up the floor of the bloody remains of her miscarriage is reminiscent to the Moondram Pirai scene where Kamalhassan takes away the national award from Sri Devi in the climax scene. Coming from a hardcore Kamalhassan fan, that's almost like getting an Oscar award. After the first half, the movie takes a U-turn and gets even more serious. Still, it doesn't slow down and keeps you interested until the last scene. That's where most of our Tamil movies fail miserably. When the movie ended, I wanted to clap my hands in appreciation. Is there a better compliment for a movie than that?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Stuart Broad

The dude must be cursed when it comes to T20! In the first T20 world cup, he was clobbered for 6 sixes in one over by Yuvraj singh: - courtesy of Flintoff rubbing Yuvraj on the wrong side before that over - and now he misses 3 run outs and drops a catch, all in a crucial last over, against the Dutch: If he wasn't demoralized back then, it's really hard not to be now. 
On a related note, everytime I start thinking T20 is not here to stay, something exciting happens and proves me wrong. If at all anything is going to be affected by the constant rise of T20, it's the ODIs, definitely not the Tests. I remember when I was India in 2007, after watching India win, there was no interest in the ODI series (against Australia, I think) after that. It seemed like it took forever for every single match to finish. Now there are rumors that there is a rift between thala Dhoni and Sehwag. Yeah right, like there isn't enough drama in T20! 
On another related note, GO CHENNAI SUPER KINGS!!!! 

Monday, June 01, 2009


Apparently, I don't learn from my mistakes! As shocking as that may sound (or not), it's very true. I read the movie reviews online and fall for them time and again. Sarvam proves that past achievements don't count when it comes to making movies. You just have to be at your creative best to churn out good movies every time. I went to watch this movie in a theater instead of opting to download it online only because it was directed by someone who had given decent movies like Arindhum Ariyaamalum and Pattiyal. 
I was just beginning to like the way the titles were being shown and that's where it ended. Right after the titles, we see a song with a Michael Jackson-ish video with the hero generally singing about enjoying life, in Ilaiyaraja's voice. When the song ends, there is no connection at all to the next scene. What, they don't even care to show it as a dream song these days? 
This movie was advertised as a romatic thriller. There was a little bit of the romantic part, but the thriller part was completely missing. May be that was it! Just because there is a guy with a beard, repeating the same dialogues with a serious face, are we supposed to feel like we are watching a thriller? The only good thing that I could say about this movie is the songs. It's not even worth watching this movie online. What a waste of $11! 

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Best Side Dish EVER!

For the poor vegetarian buggers out there, the name is chicken-65. Don't ask me the reason for the name.  I have done enough research and no solid explanations yet. For me, it is the ultimate  appetizer/snack for beer and if you are a non-drinking unlucky soul, it goes very well with curd rice. I made this last night and one of my neighbors told me this morning that whatever I was cooking last night smelled really good and she felt like knocking on my door in the middle of the night. I will take that as a compliment and she absolutely has no idea that I don't share! ;)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

True Friends INDEED!

As I continue my reminiscing ways, there is one incident that happened during my school days that I remembered and wanted to write about today. I believe it was during my 11th grade. There was this girl from my colony that I was crazy about since my 7th grade, but I have never talked to her even once. She didn't even know I existed until a couple of months before this incident. 

One fine evening, I decided that I should talk to her and told two of my best friends Karthik and Balaji about it. Like all good friends, they were happy about it and motivated me more. The truth was, they were sick of my everyday ramblings that go something like "Machaan, nethu ava ennai paatha da!" (She looked at me yesterday) and they wanted it all to end. I wanted them to go along with me for moral support and of course to help me out if I get beaten up by the roadside do-gooders seeing a damsel in distress.  Surprisingly, they agreed without a second thought. 

The plan was to confront (that's right!) her when she gets out of her ______ training. It's a good 2 Kilometers from there to her house, so I was sure that I can make her talk to me before she gets close to her house. When she walked out of her class, I saw that there was a kid walking along with her. I recognized him as her neighbor and with the hopes that he wouldn't know me, I approached her leaving my friends behind after getting their blessings. As soon as she saw me walking towards her, I could clearly see she was getting all nervous. She started walking as fast as she can. When I caught up with her, I was panting! Without going into the details, except for the fact that all I managed to say was "Hi", I was VERY VERY disappointed at the end! After watching her walk away, realizing that I had managed to get her all mad at me, I wanted to talk to my friends real bad. I turned around looking to hear some consoling words and imagine my surprise when I couldn't see them anywhere in the line of sight in any direction. After about 5 minutes of standing there all alone, I saw them walking towards me from far away. Even my sad face couldn't stop them from laughing! What can I say, my friends are just pretty good runners! 
By the way, that blank up there, it's Karate!!! 

Monday, March 23, 2009


The story was very confusing for the first 15 minutes or so or atleast I felt that way. Actually, I think it was the beer! I was at one of the very few theaters where they serve beer. Nothing could be better than this combination of the two things that I love the most – Movies and Beer. May be you greater mortals won’t have the same problem. If I remember right, this is one of the movies that belong to the fun category, without worrying about the logic, after a long time, since Ocean’s 11. Yes, Duplicity belongs to the category of Heist/Spy flicks, except that it’s not money or jewelry that they are trying to steal. But, there is a major difference here compared to the other movies of the same kind, which will leave you wanting more at the end. You should watch it to know it.

I liked Clive Owen’s acting when I first saw him in Derailed though the movie wasn’t as good. Here he seems to be repeatedly fooled by Julia Roberts, only to find out that it’s not him who is being fooled, but it’s us, the viewers. One second he is the victim and the next moment he takes control with ease. I am still wondering if he would have made a better and a much cooler James Bond than the very serious Daniel Craig. And then there is the inimitable Julia Roberts with her trademark laugh. Assuming this is not a remake of some older hollywood movie or a foriegn language movie or an adaptation of a comic book, it's an original Hollywood movie that I thoroughly enjoyed after a very long time. 

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Anu and I were on a call with my friend Shiva to wish him for his birthday. Suddenly, the topic diverts to women and driving.

Shiva: Women can't drive!
Anu: Don't put me in that list. 
Me: Oh yeah, I remember now, Anu said men can't multitask.
Shiva: Eei, enna pechu pesare, do you know how hard it is to manage 3 girlfriends at the same time? 

Good one dude!